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Back to Work Bundle



Smyth Sewn

Smyth Sewn

Cold Glued

Multiple Sizes

Multiple Sizes

80 to 192 Pages

80 to 192 Pages

100 gsm

100 gsm

Planner Layout

Get back in style.

Available in

  • Bundle

    Multiple notebooks

The perfect combination for those who want to kick off on the right foot. Make every chore fun with your favourite desk essentials.

Mix and match.

Choose your favourite Undated Planner, The mishmash and Desk Pad. It is that simple.


Undated Planner / Notebook

  • Yellow

  • Mandarin

  • Matcha


Desk Pad

  • Week Plan Pad

  • Grid Pad

  • Schedule Pad

  • Checklist Pad

Premium sewing. Beautiful finish.


    Smyth Sewn

Quality is in the detail and we have perfected every little element down to the smallest detail. The linen covering allows it to open flat.

Opens flat.

The Undated Planner opens 180º degrees and lays flat on your desk so you can have the best possible writing experience.

Compartmentalized, fan-tastic notebook.

It just got a whole lot easier to set work and personal apart. Separate section, separate content. Everything at its righteous place.

Revealing, spine-stitch.

  • Binding

    Smyth Sewn

Look at that simple, gorgeous, improved to perfection, stitch-finish spine. It isn’t just astonishing. It is a freaking statement.

Paper and layouts.

A set of silky-smooth, amazing at the touch, white paper. Spot-on weekly priority lists for all the planning nerds out there.


    Undated Planner



    Paper layout

    Planning Layout

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