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The mishmash


Smyth Sewn

A5 size

176 Pages

90 to 120 gsm

Paper Cover

Round Corners

Lot's of good stuff.

Available in

  • Matcha

    In stock

  • Hazel

    Coming soon

Brightful eye-catching colours combined with a wide gamut of paper layouts, carefully designed and assembled. What else can we say about it?

Compartmentalized, fan-tastic notebook.

It just got a whole lot easier to set work and personal apart. Separate section, separate content. Everything at its righteous place.

Premium sewing. Beautiful finish.

  • Binding

    Smyth Sewn

The virtue is in the details. And even the binding has been perfected down to the tiniest detail. Just a magnificent thing to let it stay exposed.

The right one for you.

Looking stunning on the two combinations, both with the same number of pages and size.

Flat-out spectacular.

Lays 180º degrees beautifully-flat on the table. Writing is so much simpler without hick-ups.

Paper for all tastes.

The incredible flexibility of multiple paper layouts in one single notebook piece. Separated by an astonishingly bright, heavy, full-coloured paper.

    Paper layout



    90 gsm


    Matcha, Hazel

They're loving our products.

I've been following mishmash since the start and I love everything you do. It's probably my favourite brand.

João Freitas, Customer

We absolutely love your products and knowing our customers, they will too. Looking forward to bigger orders and a lasting relationship with you at mishmash.

Laura Brooks, Store Owner at The Paper Collective

For this type of product I usually look for Moleskine and Muji and so I am very happy to know that there is a Portuguese brand with quality, design and variety, more modern than the traditional competitors and with environmental concerns.

Luísa Mano, Customer

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