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3 The Notebook for €54

The Notebook 5 Tabs


Smyth Sewn


144 pages

90 gsm

Paper Cover

Hard Corners

Keep it organised.

Available in

  • Cobalt

    In stock

  • Fawn

    In stock

Two eye-bleaching tabbed notebooks. Not just top-notch papers and production standards, a notebook thought to make it organised.

More colours than you can count.

Tabbed notebooks don't need to be boring. Choose your favourite colour combination and make your life easier.

Available in

2 colour combinations

  • Cobalt

  • Fawn

Premium sewing. Beautiful finish.

  • Premium

    Smyth sewn binding

The virtue is in the details. And even the binding has been perfected down to the tiniest detail. Just a magnificent thing to let it stay exposed.

The perfect fit.

Looking stunning on the two combinations, both with the same number of tabs and size.

Opens flat.

The Notebook opens 180º degrees and lays flat on the desk. Tabbing made simple!

Paper and layouts.

With a smooth finish, The Notebook 90 gsm paper is ready for your day-to-day messiness. Choose between a dotted or ruled grid, combining different colour covers and tabs.

    Paper Layout

    Dotted Grid


    90 gsm



One tab too big?

Meet 4 Tabs.

With a smooth finish, The Notebook 4 Tabs is ready for your day-to-day messiness. Choose between a large grid or a plain one, and go for it.

  • Contains

    Different paper layouts

They're loving our products.

This works really well for me cause there are so many different elements to my job, it’s really helpful. It’s nice to have individual to-do lists, so yes, I am into this.

Tanya Burr, YouTuber

Paper crushes can happen. I was strolling along the stationery department in Le Bon Marché, checking new brands that I didn’t know about. HA! That’s when I saw it… A mishmash notebook with four tabs, to write about as many projects, a simple design and soothing pastel colours. That won me over!

Wapapum, Stationery Blog

This is a really cool notebook. I find this really useful having different colors for the different sections.

Zoe Sugg, Youtuber

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