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Weekly Pad


Cold glued

Cold glued

12 x 28 cm

12 x 28 cm

110 pages

110 pages

300 grams

300 grams

Planner layout

Planner layout

Sits beautifully on the table.

Available in

  • Horizontal

    In stock

  • Vertical

    In stock

The Weekly Pad keeps your agenda tidy and organised. Printed in four heart-warming colours, the date-free layout, available both in vertical and horizontal modes, fits everyone's needs.

Multiple combinations.

Instantly, at hands-reach, the bottom edge of the Pad is cleverly glued to prevent sheets from creasing. Neat at all times.

Love sees no shape or orientation.

Whether you prefer your Weekly Pad just below your keyboard or you would rather have it at your side, choose what fits you best.

  • Vertical, China White

  • Vertical, Cobalt

  • Horizontal, Lavender

  • Horizontal, Forest

Glued to the core.

  • Binding

    Glued on the bottom

Glued to the bottom but not on the top, cleverly thought to prevent sheets from creasing, but easier to pull them out.

Detachable sheets.

For the comfort of every fatal misspelling mistake, you can easily detach your Weekly Pad sheets with your own hand.

Paper and layouts.

Totally filled with 80 gsm colourful paper, printed with a Weekly spread.

    paper layout

    Weekly view


    80 grams

    Available in

    All pads

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